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Affordable and reliable

Our aim is to deliver the best service at affordable prices.

How do we do this?

Our affordability comes from experience. We have been undertaking all facets
of plumbing repairs since 1985. In this time we have learnt what techniques
and materials work well and what does not work. This means we can do high
quality plumbing repairs in less time and with fewer materials, thus, saving
you money.

Our reliability comes from having adequate, well trained plumbers in
Canberra with a diversity of skills to ensure that we can cater for any job,
regardless of its complexity. This is achieved through ongoing technical
training. It comes from always asking ourselves "if we cannot fix your
plumbing problems who can?" And it comes from the fact that our reputation
as some of Canberra's best plumbers is the most important asset we have.

Do you want

The plumbers who always strive to be affordable while still maintaining

The plumbers who you can rely on to know what they are doing and do what is
best for you?

The plumbers you will keep going back to whenever you need help?

Call us now.

Prompt and efficient

Our aim is to always be on time and get the job done right in the shortest
amount of time.

How do we do this?

Our efficiency comes from our ongoing training, our well stocked vehicles,
our central location, access to our many suppliers right across Canberra
and Queanbeyan, our modern equipment and our commitment to saving your time
and money and saving you from future problems.

Our promptness comes from the fact that we know you have taken time out of
your busy day to wait for us. Whether you have children to look after,
appointments to attend or work commitments, we will always endeavour to keep
appointments. We know that you cannot always stay at home, so we can call
you 1/2 an hour before we plan to arrive. While we believe in promptness we
always try to give you flexibility too.

Call the plumbers

Who think that keeping appointments is just as important to them as it is to

Who aim to do the best work in the shortest time with the right materials.

You will keep going back to whenever you need help.

Complete comprehensive services

Our aim is to provide you with the full range of plumbing services whenever
you call.

We know that when you call us you may have a diversity of plumbing issues
you need repaired. You may have a blocked drain or a leaking hot water
system-which are pressing emergencies, but you may also have a leaking
toilet or taps that have been bugging you for ages. Why not get all 4 jobs
done at once and save time and money?

You may have a water leak that requires specialised water leak locating
equipment, or you may need plumbing plans and approvals from the government.
You may need solar hot water repairs or solar hot water rebates You may need
gas fitting work. Or you may just need expert advice.

We start and finish projects from the initial approvals right up to
re-concreting and re-landscaping, organise Dial before you dig and all
excavations. We even remove our own rubbish from the site

How do we provide this service?

We keep a diversity of stock and plumbing equipment in our fitted out vans.
We have a comprehensive workshop with spare solar, gas and electric hot
water systems, we have excavating equipment and pipe inspection equipment
along with spares for most taps and toilets too. We have helpful people in
our office and well trained and experienced plumbers with a diversity of
skills and knowledge.

Call the plumbers

Who can do much more than just fix taps.

Who can start a project and carry it through until completion.

You will keep going back to whenever you need help.

Call us now on 0448 844 911