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drain root growth

Tips for blocked drains

Our drain cleaning experts were able to remove this monster tree root without digging up the whole drain. Call us for expert drain cleaning now.

Reasons why homeowners should choose us for blocked drains and other drainage related problems

Digging up drains to repair them is very expensive. At the first sign of a blockage call a licensed plumber to check your drains. The longer you leave a drain blocked the more likely you will need to dig the drain up.

Don’t use root pellets, tablets or chemicals to unblock your drain. They only remove the fine roots. The larger roots continue to grow and eventually become too big for an electric eel and jet roding machine. The end result is a very expensive dig up of your drains.

The reason home owners should choose 6-Star Hot Water and Plumbing for all their blocked drains and drainage problems is that our owner Robert Edwards is a former president of The Master Plumber’s Drainer’s and Gasfitter’s Association of the ACT and a former Director of Master Plumbers Australia. He guarantees that he can provide -

  • Prompt service from a locally owned business - In emergencies we can attend your house within the hour to fix your blocked drains or drainage problem. In all other cases we will come that same day within an agreed time frame.
  • Experienced tradespeople – We have cleared more than 5000 blocked drains and fixed many other drainage problems in Canberra and Queanbeyan. If we can't unblock your blocked drains we won’t charge you for trying.
  • Modern equipment. We have colour CCTV drain camera technology in Canberra to accurately locate all of the problems in your blocked drains. We also have latest in drain cleaning electric eels and jetting equipment.
  • We can unblock almost any sewerage drain and help you save thousands on unnecessary drain dig ups.
  • Good workmanship and value for money – We know that doing the job right the first time will keep your drains and drainage systems working for much longer. When we clear a blocked drain we attempt to clear the whole drain to beyond the property boundary. This saves our customers money as they don’t have to call a plumber out to fix another blockage further down the drains.
  • Responsible tradespeople – We don’t use sub-contractors. Your health and safety are important to us
  • Competitive rates – We constantly monitor our competitors and suppliers prices and service to ensure the best pricing for our customers.
  • Honesty – We will give you the best advice when it comes to the maintenance of your drains and the design of your drainage systems. We will never try to talk you into any expensive and unnecessary drainage repairs. We know that many of our competitors will give a cheap price to get onto your property, knowing that by the time they leave they will have stung you for thousands of dollars.
  • Convenience – You don’t have to do a thing. You call us we do all of the dirty work and any paper work that may be required.
  • Up to date information – We will keep you informed regarding the cause of the any blockages and our progress. We dislike giving our customers bad news. We like to keep them in the loop all of the way through the job. We are kept up to date by ACTPLA regarding any changes in local drainage regulations. The ACT Master Plumber’s Drainer’s and Gasfitter’s Association constantly updates us with any technological breakthroughs.
  • Reliable warranty, service and backup - We are a locally owned business and we do not use sub-contractors. Therefore, when something goes wrong with your water drainage system we fix it and we fix it fast.
  • Emergency Drain Cleaning Services & Drain Cleaning Pipe Inspections