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Get help fast. Our experienced plumbers can help you find problems in your drains with CCTV Drain camera technology.

Did you know blocked sewers can be harmful to your health and leaking drains can cause structural damage to your buildings?

There are many causes of blockages in your drains. Blockages can be caused by tree roots, leaf and tree debris, broken or un aligned pipes, ladies sanitary products and solidified grease from cooking. We have even found drains blocked with toys and sprinklers.

A CCTV drain camera, sometimes referred to as a sewer viewer or sewer camera, can also be used to find lost valuables and help to locate old pipes when undertaking renovations.

There are many benefits to using a CCTV Drain Camera to inspect your drains.

  • Accuracy - It is the easiest way to find what is causing a blockage in your drain. In the hands of an expert it can be used to determine the cause of blockages in your drain. It can be used to determine the exact location of the problem. It can even tell you exactly how deep you will have to dig to get to the problem.
  • Removes the guess work - In the hands of an expert a CCTV drain camera will remove all of the guess work . Old pipes and damaged pipes can be located accurately. Therefore, quotes to repair your drainage systems will be accurate. There will be no more estimates.
  • Confidence - It gives you confidence that you are being told the truth about the state of your drains.
  • A perrmanent Record - Images from a CCTV drain camera can be burnt onto a CD or recorded to a USB memory stick. You can go back to the images at a later date to help with future drain cleaning. If required, we can provide you with a written report,
  • Lower excavation costs - Because it is so accurate at locating problems, excavations can be kept to a minimum saving hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.
  • Finding lost valuables - It can help find lost valuables such as jewellery and keys. If these items are still in your drainage system we will find them.
  • Help to locate old pipes when undertaking renovations.
  • Pre purchase property inspections of the sewerage and stormwater drainage systems to ensure you are not buying someone else's problems.

The reason home owners should choose 6-Star Hot Water and Plumbing when they require drain locating and their drains inspected with a CCTV drain Camera is that our owner Robert Edwards is a former President of The Master Plumber’s Drainer’s and Gasfitter’s Association of the ACT and a former Director of Master Plumbers Australia. He guarantees that he can provide -

  • Prompt and reliable service from a locally owned business - We will always come within an agreed time frame.
  • Experienced tradespeople – We have cleared more than 5000 blocked drains and fixed many other drainage problems in Canberra and Queanbeyan. We guarantee we can give you a solution to your drainage problems.
  • Our accuracy in locating problems in your drains will help you save thousands on unnecessary drain dig ups.
  • If required, we can provide you with a written report.
  • Competitive rates – We constantly monitor our competitors and suppliers prices and service to ensure the best pricing for our customers.
  • Honesty – We will give you the best advice when it comes to the maintenance of your drains and the design of your drainage systems. With the help of our CCTV drain camera you can be confident that you will not undertake any unnecessary drainage repairs.
  • Convenience – You don’t have to do a thing. You call us and we do all of the dirty work and any paper work that may be required.

If you have a drainage problem and you are unsure of what needs to be done get help now. You can speak to a qualified tradesman now by calling 6161 9417.

Tips for using a CCTV drain camera inspection.

If you have lost something valuable down your drain, the first thing you should do is not let any more water go into the drain until you have called a plumber with a drain Camera. If you are in a house with other people, make sure no one else flushes the toilets or uses any sinks showers or basins. Any amount of water could be enough to wash your valuables away forever.

If you plan on having your drains inspected with a CCTV Drain camera, it is best to have them cleared with a jet rodder or electric eel first two to three weeks before hand. This will help the operator to push the camera head all of the way through your drain. Thus giving you a full inspection.
If you plan on having a pre purchase inspection with a CCTV drain camera be sure to ask the vendors first.

Additionally, ask the operator to provide either a DVD or an electronic version.

If you have a drainage problem and you are unsure of what needs to be done get help now.

You can speak to a qualified tradesman now by calling 0448 844 911