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Fast Stormwater and sewer Drain cleaning, electric eel hydro jet

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Do you need a reliable stormwater and sewer drain cleaning service in Canberra?

Have your stormwater drains or sewerage drains backed up?

Do you need drains cleared with an electric eel or hydro jet in Canberra?

Our stormwater drain cleaning services include..

  • Unblocking of storm water drains.
  • Electric eel drain cleaning.
  • Hydro jet drain cleaning.
  • Stormwater drain Repairs.
  • Stormwater drain replacements.
  • CCTV inspection of stormwater drains.
  • Electronic location of stormwater drains.
  • New storm water drains.
  • Dealing with ACTEW and the ACT Government in regards to blockages beyond your boundary.

What to do if you think your stormwater drains are blocked?


  • For Over flowing roof gutters when it rains.
  • For Water spurting out at the base of your downpipes when it rains.
  • That the Stormwater pits drain.
  • For Sink holes in your yards.
  • For cracking in your walls.

What should you do next if you have one or more of these signs?

  • Phone us at 6 star Hot Water and plumbing 0448 844 911.
  • Tell us if you think it is an emergency.
  • Explain the symptoms so we know what to expect when we arrive.
  • Arrange a visit - if it is an emergency we will send someone immediately.
  • Do not panic - we will help you through all of the issues.

It is that simple?

Why call 6 Star Hot Water & Plumbing for electric eel stormwater drain cleaning in Canberra?

  • Get the job done fast. We are structured in a manner that enables us to respond quickly to any stormwater issues that come our way. Whether it is a simple drain clean to a full drain replacement we get the job done fast. There are no delays.
  • Savings from Experience and knowledge. 15 drains cleared a week over 20 years. We do not waste time. Our knowledge saves you money.
  • Tools to do the job efficient and properly. Since we have cleared so many drains we have accumulated all of the necessary tools to complete the job properly and efficiently.
  • We take care for your home and belongings. We aim to limit mess wherever possible and we aim to not cause damage. We tidy up after ourselves and we strive to ensure your home looks better and works better than it did before you called us.
  • You are not overcharged. Our efficiency means no wasted time. Therefore, you end up with better outcomes with lower costs.

If you want to save money and you need storm water Drain cleaning with an electric eel or a hydro jet in any Canberra suburb call 0448 844 911 for efficient and cost effective help now.

You can speak to a qualified tradesman now by calling 0448 844 911