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Electric Storage Hot Water Systems - Canberra

There are many different types of electric storage hot water systems that we supply and install in Canberra. Click the buttons below to find the right brand and size that is right for you

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Apricus Solar Ready tanks

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Rheem hot water system


These comprise of a water filled tank with an immersed electric element. The temperature of the water inside the tank is governed by a thermostat that is secured to the side of the tank near the bottom. The water is kept hot with the help of an insulated jacket that covers the external surfaces of the water filled tank.

There are a number variations such as

Gravity fed hot water systems are among the oldest and at one stage they were the most common. The electricity was usually a back up to a wood fired stove with a wet back. The tank was installed in the roof . This resulted in very low hot water pressure. Gravity fed hot water systems have a vent that is opened to the atmosphere to relieve the build-up of pressure inside the tank. These are not very common and are likely be found in rural areas or houses built before the 1960's

Mains pressure electric hot water systems are most common. Cold water coming into the bottom of the system forces hot water out of the top when a hot tap is turned on. Therefore the system is always full of water at mains pressure. The thermostat senses the temperature of the water at the base of the tank. The heating cycle will continue until all of the water in the tank is heated to around 70 degrees C. Mains pressure hot water systems have a temperature and pressure relief valve to relieve excess pressure that occurs during heating. This valve should be replace at least once every 5 years.

Electric systems are extremely efficient in the way they use energy at around 98%. It is the burning of coal to make electricity that makes them bad for the environment. Mains pressure water heaters work like a hot water thermos. The hot water is under pressure and the storage tank is well insulated. The hot water produced in one heating cycle can last days at temperatures too hot to shower in.

The systems should be serviced at least once every 5 years.

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of these hot water systems are obvious and some are not. Some are relative to your specific location. For instance if you live in Tasmania they are more environmentally friendly than gas or gas boosted solar. This is because Tasmania derives most of its electricity from hydro power stations.

  • cheaper to install than other hot systems
  • More models brands and sizes to choose from
  • Most are full mains pressure units can be installed inside and outside
  • Easy to repair and repairs are not expensive
    long life
  • Hot water is delivered faster than a continuous flow and the temperature is constant
  • Require more space than continuous/ instant / instantaneous hot water systems
  • High CO2 output from the use of coal to make electricity
  • Continuous tariff and off peak are two of the most expensive ways to heat hot water.

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