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Sizes of Gas Hot Water Systems - available in - Canberra

Gas Storage Hot Water system sizes available in Canberra . Use the table below to find a system that suits your needs.

Gas Storage Hot Water system Sizes

Capacity Type Number of people
135 litre 5 Star nnnnnn
155 litre 5 Star nnnnnn
170 litre 5 Star nnnnnnn
135 litre 3 Star nnnnn
170 litre 3 Star nnnnnn

Go to the brands page and see the available sizes and dimensions

Continuous flow gas Hot Water system sizes available in Canberra . Use the table below to find a system that suits your needs.

Capacity Number of Bathrooms
16 litre per minute 1
20 litre per minute 1
24 litre per minute 1-2
26 litre per minute 1-2
27 litre per minute 1-2
32 litre per minute 1-3

Facts about Gas Hot Water Systems sizes

Gas hot water systems come in a variety of sizes, star ratings and brands. The amount of hot water available is important . Smaller storage tanks are not necessarily bad. Most 5 star gas storage hot water systems can recover in as little as 30 minutes

If showering is spaced out, a 135 litre 5 Star gas hot water system will easily do a house of 10 occupants.

When choosing a system it is important to also know how much room you have available to fit the Hot Water System . Most gas hot water systems are designed for external installation only. They require a space that allows them to be 500 mm horizontally from any opening into a building. They need to be 500mm away from any internal or external corner of a building.

All internal gas hot water systems require a flue to the outside of the building and they need plenty of ventilation.

Check with your gas fitter before ordering your gas hot water system as there are many rules and regulations regarding the installation of gas appliances

Once you know how many litres you need and the space you have available, check through the different brands to find a hot water system that is right for you. Follow the links to see the dimensions of the various models.

At 6 Star Hot Water and Plumbing Canberra you can get a quote for the many brands and sizes of 5 Star gas storage hot water systems - or call 0448 844 911. We offer same day hot water replacements, repairs and service.

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