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  • No hot water?
  • Hot water bills too high?
  • Water too hot?
  • Water not hot enough?
  • Hot water system leaking?

These are all common problems that we as professionals are asked to fix every day.

We can provide same day hot water repairs and service in Canberra. just call 0448 844 911 for fast help.

There are a number of reasons why you may be having problems with your hot water. It could be the result of a faulty thermostat, element, relief valve, pressure limiting valve, stop tap, leaking hot pipe or tap and old tap washers. It could be a faulty tempering valve or thermocouple. If you have solar, it could be a sensor problem, a faulty pump or controller.

Our hot water experts have years of experience with diagnosing and fixing problems with hot water systems fast.

With our help You don't need to be out of hot water for long.

So for fast Hot water repairs and service in Canberra call 6 Star Hot Water and Plumbing now on 0448 844 911. We also do same day Hot Water replacements

relief valve
hot water elementsm
/hot water thermostat

Hot water system replacements and repairs in Canberra. Call 0448 844 911 for help today

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