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Hot Water Systems

Hot Water Systems

There are many brands sizes and types of hot water systems available for installation in Canberra. You may want a new electric hot water system or a gas hot water system. You may be looking for a conventional solar hot water system or heat pump.

There are many reasons why you would choose one type over another. You may be limited for space on the ground or on your roof. You may not have access to gas or your roof may be overshadowed.

You may want to look after the environment or you may have a limited budget. Your family may be large or it may be small.

Rather than replace your hot water system you may just want to have your existing system repaired or serviced.

There are 4 distinct types of hot water systems that can be installed in Canberra.

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Each one of these has their own variations to suit every application. However, there are some restrictions on what type you can have and where you can have them in Canberra.

For example wood heaters are banned in a lot of the newer suburbs. Electric systems have been banned in new dwellings also - heat pumps excluded. Some developments do not have gas connected and some have body corporate restrictions on solar hot Water installations also.

Boiling water units are used in commercial buildings for cups of tea. They are not used for filling sinks or basins as the water is too hot

Boiling Water Unit

Boiling Water Unit

Electric hot water system

Electric hot water system

Solar Hot Water System

Solar Hot Water System

Gas continuous flow

Gas continuous flow

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We have put together a series of pages that will help you to gain a greater insight into the pros and cons when deciding on what brand and type of Hot Water System to install for your environment, interests and budget.

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