Do Quantum Heat Pumps hot water systems work in Canberra?

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Photos Above

1) Banjo Patterson Motel Jindabyne, where 7 Quantum Heat pump hot water systems are installed.

2) Jindabyne in Winter, where several accomodation centres use heat pumps to supply hot water in Winter .

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Quantum heat pump hot water system installed in Canberra in 2009

Quantum heat pump hot water system installed in Canberra in 2009. It serves a family of 5. It has required no repairs or maintenance since it was installed.

As an installer of all brands of hot water systems in Canberra, Queanbeyan and the NSW Alps since 1985, the first question I am always asked when Heat Pumps are mentioned is, "Do they actually work in Canberra?" My answer is always "YES" and "IF".


Yes they do, and they work well. Heat Pumps work so well that they provide hot water for the accommodation at the Banjo Paterson Inn and the Snow Line Holiday Park in Jindabyne. In these locations temperatures can get down to as low as -15°C in winter. This is when these resorts are at their busiest, with people staying close to the snow fields. We all know that hotels and caravan parks require reliable hot water even on the coldest of winter days .


  1. They are installed on a warmer side of the building. In Canberra that is the north or western sides of the house. This is because they extract heat from the air around them. Even at -100°C there is heat energy that can be extracted from the air. The warmer the air, the more heat can be taken and the less energy required to take that heat, therefore the quicker the water in the tank heats up. This results in lower Heat Pump running costs.
  2. They are a Quantum Heat Pump. During the GFC the government incentives encouraged a lot of hot water system manufacturers to rush Heat Pumps onto the Australian Market. Virtually every newcomer failed in Canberra and the Alpine region. Unfortunately and undeservedly, this gave all Heat Pumps a bad reputation.

Quantum had been building Heat Pump hot water systems for decades before the GFC and had already worked out how to cope with extremely cold conditions. Through decades of research, development and refinement, Quantum was able to develop a very reliable alternative to gas and traditional solar hot water.

Everyone knows that there are some absolute lemon brands of Heat Pumps installed in Canberra and Queanbeyan. However, every time I have come across an owner of a Quantum Heat Pump, they tell me that it has been faultless and reliable for at least 15 years. They also tell me it has been cheap to run. Quantum claims its systems work to as low as -10°C. However from what I have experienced, I believe Quantum has always understated what its systems can really do.

The Downsides

  1. They can be more than twice the price of a regular electric hot water system of the same capacity. However, over the period of a year, they cost one third of the price of an electric hot water system to run.
  2. They should not be placed near bedroom windows. The noise level directly inside is similar to sitting next to a PC while the fan is running. However, the noise is less than some reverse cycle air conditioners and some ducted heating systems.
  3. Limited installation locations. I would only recommend they be installed outside on the northern or western sides of the building. However a split system can be installed with the tank in one location and the condenser unit (the part that makes the sound) in another location.


Robert Edwards is a former President of Master Plumbers ACT and a former Director of Master Plumbers Australia. He did his plumbing apprenticeship in the NSW Ski Fields. He has been supplying, repairing and installing hot water systems since 1985.

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