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Apricus Evacuated Tube Solar systems

Given our years of experience in the hot water industry in Canberra we believe Apricus is the leading brand in Evacuated Tube Solar hot water system technology . Over the years a number of other brands have come and gone, some have just been a complete failure and others just cannot match Apricus for efficiency.

Apricus has a large range to choose from. Electric boosted and Gas Boosted models are available in a variety of tank sizes and numbers of collector tubes. You can also choose from stainless steel tanks and Vitreous enamelled lined steel tanks.

split system evacuated tube
Apricus storage

Apricus has the added advantage of allowing customers to buy solar ready storage tanks. This means you can buy a tank and have it installed today and have the collectors installed at a later date.

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Specifications of typical 30 Tube array

Overall Length 1980mm without pitched frame
Overall Height 156mm
Overall Width 2196mm
Max Operating Pressure 800kPa

Specifications of storage tanks

Capacity Diameter mm Height mm Number of people
250 litre 648 1388  
314 litre 648 1682  
400 litre 730 1731  
250 litre Electric boosted   nnnnn
315 litre Electric boosted   nnnnn
400 litre Electric boosted   nnnnnnn
250 litre Post Gas Boosted   Unlimited
315 litre Post Gas Boosted   Unlimited
400 litre Post Gas Boosted   Unlimited

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