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boosting Solar hot water efficiency facts

During daylight hours, the cold water in the storage tank of an electric boosted solar hot water system is heated by electricity at the same time it is heated by the sun. This is because the only control over the electric booster is the thermostat that is connected to the side of the tank.

Once the temperature in the storage tank reaches 60 degrees C the thermostat cuts the supply to the booster. The sun, alone, will raise the temperature of the water above that point.

If you use the majority of your hot water at night, the water in the storage tank will be heated to 60 degrees C by electricity overnight. That also means most of the work is being done by the electric booster and not the sun.

Some people get around this by turning the booster off altogether. This is fine in summer but it does not help in winter.

The installation of a time switch on the power supply to the booster will ensure the sun does most of the work. By setting the time clock to come on after 3pm ad going off at 7pm you will ensure that the system has the optimum time to take its energy from the sun.

With a time switch the only time the electric booster should come on is if there has been insufficient solar gain during the day.

electro mechanical time switch

Electro Mechanical Time Switch

The optimum pitch for solar collectors in the southern parts of Australia is between 45 and 55 degrees. Most roofs are pitched between 5 and 30 degrees. These lower pitches cause excessive exposure to the sun in summer. This leads to boiling and hot water wastage through the relief valves.

The lower pitches also result in insufficient exposure to the sun in winter. This leads to excessive boosting and energy wasting.

Split system evacuated tube

For gas boosted, electric boosted, flat panel and evacuated tube systems adjustable metal roof frames for solar can be installed to increase the pitch of the collectors to the optimum pitch. These Metal roof frames for solar will add about 10% to the installation costs.

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