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Solar Hot Water Systems

How to choose a Solar Hot Water System in Canberra?

Gas Boosted solar

Split system Flat Panel

Tank on Roof Flat Panel

Tank on Roof Flat Panel

Split system evacuated tube

Split system evacuated tube

Heat pump

Heat pump

There are many types of Solar hot Water Systems that you are likely to find in Canberra. They are Tank on roof flat panel, flat panel, Split System evacuated tube, Gas boosted, Electric boosted and heat pump.

Which type of system you choose will depend on your concern for the environment, your budget, your location, the number of occupants in your house, the available space and the available energy for boosting when the sun is not shining.

If space is an issue at ground level you may have to consider a Tank on roof flat panel system in either electric boosted or gas boosted. However, these are not very efficient. If roof space is an issue and you have available space on a western or northern external wall you may have to consider a heat pump. These can be slightly more efficient than a Tank on Roof Flat Panel system.

If you are concerned about the environment, you have the extra money and you have the available space, a post gas boosted system is the best choice. These are typically more expensive to purchase. Despite popular belief they are not likely to save you any money over the life of the system when compared to electric boosted or high efficiency gas.

Given Canberra's cold climate, the cost of energy, life expectancy and maintenance costs I would recommend an Electric boosted Evacuated tube System over any other type.

All solar hot water systems are expensive to repair, It is critical that they are installed by an Licensed plumber who must also be an experienced installer of solar hot water systems . The most common brands installed in Canberra are Apricus, Dux, Rheem, Solarhart, Edwards, Thermann and Quantum

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