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Quantum Solar hot water systems

Quantum have been building Solar Hot Water Systems for many years. As a repairer of Solar hot water systems in Canberra I would strongly recommend that you consider a Quantum as your next hot water system.

quantum Compact 150
Quantum Range Commercial Titan 1020

Quantum only builds heat pumps. However, if they are installed on the warm side of your house they can be a cost effective and efficient alternative to conventional solar hot water or gas.

We have installed many different brands of heat pumps in Canberra and its surrounds. Apart from the Quantum heat pump, many of them have failed to live up to the manufacturers claims.

Quantum builds a compact 150 litre heat pump right up to the 340litre Titan for large families and commercial use.

Storage tank Specs

Model Capacity Height Width Number of people
Compact 150 125 litre 1620 mm 540 mm nnn
Compact 200 175 litre 1940 mm 540 mm nnn
Compact 270 250 litre 1900 mm 650 mm nnnn
Compact 340 315 litre 2200 mm 650 mm nnnnn
Titan 340 315 litre 2300 mm 650 mm nnnnnn

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